Monday, February 01, 2016

CouponBelanja - Best Free Coupon Codes For Malaysia


CouponBelanja is one of the leading online coupon sites in Malaysia that focuses on helping ardent online shoppers with best deals, offers and coupons so that they save more while they are shopping online.

CouponBelanja - Coupon Codes For Malaysia

It was launched in early 2014, by Ravi Trivedi, who is an entrepreneur, marketer, an investor and the founder of Srijan Capital. Srijan Capital focuses on incubating & operating its companies.

How it began

It all started with the inception of in 2012. The demand for online shopping was at its peak then and so Ravi Trivedi thought of having a website that could aggregate all the offers and coupons so that consumers can save more while shopping online.

A lot of effort was spent to built the product from scratch but it helped us to incorporate several intelligent elements on the way.

Couponrani is now the most comprehensive coupon site in India and ranks among top 4 coupon sites in India.

After this in 2014, we started to expand into other geographies and the next market we targeted was Malaysia, with CouponBelanja. We have been able to apply our learnings and experience in this new endeavour.

The team

We are a small team of 15 individuals and we are growing. We don’t measure our growth in terms of number of people, but on number of consumers we can help save money. Each individual in the team is passionate about what they do and play a key role in building the business to the next level.

How is CouponBelanja different?

CouponBelanja as a growing company stands out distinct in many ways from its competitors:
  • We have exclusive coupons and partnerships with major online stores in Malaysia like Lazada, Zalora, Luxola, Rakuten, Foodpanda and many others.
  • We keep only active coupons on our site. We do regular testing of all the coupons to ensure that our customers get coupons which are working.
  • The platform has the capability to support multiple languages.
  • Real Time Coupon Notification ‘PING’ is planned to be incorporated in near future.
  • In future we plan to have an Android App and Chrome extension for its consumers.

We have a comprehensive blog for CouponBelanja which informs and suggests ways to save while buying online. We are also available on Facebook and Twitter.

What are the future plans?

CouponBelanja is currently working on several new ideas and are coming up with new strategies to become the most comprehensive coupon site for anything that one can buy online.

They are looking for things they can innovate on, to make finding discounts and prices for online shopping easy.

As part of their future plans, CouponBelanja is actively involved in growing their Product and Technology team, as well as their Digital marketing team.

We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is all what will help them to grow more and reap success.



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